Les Fêlés (Ransart)
PFM 2021 Cancelled

Pleins Feux sur le Maquettisme


It's with a heavy heart that we must announce the cancellation of our 27th edition of "Pleins Feux sur le Maquettisme" in Roselies, on 6th and 7th February 2021.


Some will say : "One more cancellation...", but with the resurgence of Covid-19 cases since early September and the very strict health measures imposed, without any certainty of improvement in the coming months, organize an event such as ours, which brings several thousand people every year, from various countries in Europe and elsewhere, is not conceivable.


We would be forced to impose you to wear a mask, barrier gestures, a maximum number of people in the exhibition halls, a reduction in the number of stands and the number of exhibitors per stand (because of the social distancing imposed), and many other measures that would not be in the spirit of conviviality to which we have accustomed you during our previous editions.


In addition, taking in account the risks and costs involved, without forgetting the months of work to prepare such an event , we don't want to have to cancel it at the last minute because of new health restrictions.  This would not be beneficial either for us, who were happy to see you again, or for you, who had perhaps booked your weekend or your hotel.


Thank you for your understanding.


Hoping to see you again soon in better conditions, take care of yourself.


Kind regards,

Les Fêlés.